December 22, 2008

End of the Year

It's that time to close the office.  I will be off until next year, I won't be posting but I hope to have a few drafts set up and ready to go when I do come back to the working world.  I hope to spend the time off with famly and not thinking of work, just a little break.

I hope everyone has a nice holiday and cheers to a happy new year!!

Ya es el tiempo de cerrar la oficina para descansar y pasar los dias con la familia.  Espero tener temas listos para nuevos posts entrando el año. 
Les deseo a todos unos felices dias navideños, y un feliz año nuevo!


I've had a few issues with my blog.  I've changed the blogspot location, I added many links but they disappeared, I fixed (tried) my feedburner url.  I've had a few issues.

Since I'm new at this, it's been a little difficult to fix the mess I made by changing the blogspot address. I didn't think it was a big deal since it's a new blog not many readers, well I found out I did have a few and I messed them up!  Thank you for those reading and checking! I appreciate the comments and help.

December 16, 2008

Spanish language Revit blogs

In looking for information on how Revit is used and managed, I find myself reading a few Spanish language blogs.  If I spoke other languages I'd be searching those also!

So for those of you than can read and understand Spanish here's a few I've liked to read:
Revit Español on AUGI is the first place I looked at and realized there are many questions out there in the Spanish speaking world.  This got me looking for other areas on the internet for help. 
Revit Argentina  is a introduction to South Americans as they are using it more and more. The author Leonardo Aita is a professor at University of Buenos Aires, he's passionate about sharing Revit knowledge.
Revit-MBA is Montealegre Beach Arquitectos, based in Chile.  They share tricks and tips on different findings they've come accross. I've enjoyed this website as they explain different things they've found to work or not and how they've learned to understand Revit and make it work. It's been helpful.
ACERCAS.COM from Spain, is a Revit consultant with an architectural background in the BIM world.  His tool of choice has been Revit and his website shares information about the product, how to use it, what goes on in the industry (in his area).  A good resource.
Revitips. Tips4Revit  new one I found recently, dedicated to Revit Structure based in Chile the civil engineer Enzo Fighetti started the blog to share tips and comments on how they've learned and are learning to use Revit Structure.

I hope to see more blogs or websites dediacted to Revit and BIM using Revit. I'll keep my list up to date!