June 10, 2009

Revit 2010 Conceptual Design White Paper

On the design reform webiste you can find the white paper that Autodesk will be or should have already released, sorry I don't have the link to the Autodesk page.

Check out the Revit tutorials they have on their website, they are pretty good and very helpful.  When Revit 2010 was freshly out, I used David's tutorials to get my head around the new conceptual massing family.  I prefer it over the old way of creating masses, hopefully those tools will end up in the Family editor next version :o)


Revit tools and Add-Ons

RT?  Sorry my Twitter "language" is taking over.

I wanted to share a post from the CAD vs BIM blog. 
Jay has listed the "current" available tools we can use with Revit, from various sources, really good information!
With the API open and people getting programmers to help out, (if they are not programmers already)  we should see this part of the Revit "market" grow.