August 28, 2009

AUGI - Career Center

Not only does AUGI have a program to teach us, the forums help us learn from each other, there are publications that keep us updated on the products and technology we use, but now they are also going to help us find a job! Isn't that awesome! AUGI has created a Career Center.

AUGI's Career Center has an area for Job Seekers, for Employers and Recruiters.
For Job Seekers: You can post your resume, create an account to receive alerts on job postings, etc.
For Employers/Recruiters: View posted resumes, post a job, create an account etc.

Another reason to join AUGI, please pass on this information to anyone you know that needs it!

August 25, 2009

2 months later - AU 2009

So I've not posted in a while, this has been harder that I thought, I have lots of topics but I'm not a good communicator, but I've made a promise to post even if I sound like a fool (I don't embarrass too easily). 
AU is coming soon less than 100 days now, and this year I hope to make lots of connections, our office has some exciting projects where I need to be an expert at Revit soon, well I don't have to be but I really want to be, so I will be picking a lot of brains at AU2009!!
To start - I'm studying up on how large projects are put together and I found a great post today on AUGI I'll be trying out some of what I read and I'll post my results soon, for sure this time!

No e publicado en dos meses, esta aventura ha sido más difícil de lo que yo pensaba, tengo un montón de temas, pero no soy buena en la area de comunicación así que he hecho una promesa a mi misma, que publicare aunque suene un poco absurdo (no me avergüenzo fácilmente).
La conferencia de Autodesk, AU empieza pronto, faltan menos de 100 dias, y este año espero conocer y conectarme con muchas personas.  Nuestra oficina tiene algunos proyectos interestantes donde tengo que ser un experto en Revit pronto, bueno no es necesario pero si quiero serlo.  Estare   hacienda muchas preguntas y molestando a much gente en AU2009!!
Para comenzar,  estoy estudiando cómo los proyectos grandes son arreglados en Revit. Y encontré un poste hoy en AUGI que estaré probando en estos dias, y esta ves de seguro publicare mis resultados!