November 29, 2010

AU - 2010 - Day One

Today I attended two sessions, the last one I was kind of lost because I really should have been a part of the whole day but it was informative anyway.

I then attended the Media and Blogger Social and the AEC Mixer (originally the Revit Mixer) they were both great!  I talked with Steve Bennet from 2D or not to 2D (check out his blog, for more up to date info) and Greg Arkin from Revit 3D, he's always fun to talk to, even if it is once a year for me, but it's great conversation, you have to check out his blog, very informative on anything BIM... plus all sorts of other people.  I did meet someone from the actual media from Mexico, it was nice to talk to someone about Autodesk that isn't from the states and get to know their perspective.  Being Mexican by culture I want to know more of how the Latin community uses Autodesk products and how they learn how to use them.
Oh and I almost forgot Melanie, Mistress of the Dorkness, I follow her blog and Tweets and I met her last year, it was great to get a moment to chat with her again this year.  I did have a few questions but she's too many people to fight with for her attention!  I'll track her down, I have a few days  :-)

Tomorrow is the start of full days of the conference, and I hope to soak in a lot. I'll try and post as often as possible and let you know what sessions to look out for to download,  Remember sign up at Autodesk University website!


AU2010 - Design Technology Managment

Today was my first day at AU (Autodesk University)  I'm disappointed I wasn't able to participate more in the sessions offered today, Digital Technology Conference... Sessions were full, but the one session I attended was great.   Had me thinking out of the box, and got my mind working with new ideas, well new to me and our office.  You should sign up at Autodesk University website to see recorded sessions, of past years, and this years once they are available.