April 15, 2010

In-House Training - Revit Review

I started 2010, (the year not the Revit version) with changing what I call my Revit Review's.  A weekly Tips & Tricks session I do for in-house staff.  I was hoping to blog about it often but I obviously didn't.  Now I'd like to catch you up.
This is the format.  Once a week for 30 minutes, I show how to use one tool, in about 15 minutes, and questions and closing comments the last 15 minutes.  The reason for that format, is I hoped people would go back and try what we discussed, they have a week to play with it and come back with questions.  The response wasn't as enthusiastic, but I can't expect everyone to like Revit as much as I do.

January:  I started from the beginning.  Placing Walls, Doors and Windows.  I know more than one tool, but I think these can all go together.  Nothing complicated, just how to place a wall, change the type, and important to me, location line.  Based on the questions asked, I did learn something new, a window placed next to a door going through it will generate a warning, keyword phrase here "next to" but doing the same above a door, no warning; I found that intersting. I still haven't asked Revit Guru's why this is, but I will!
Until next time!


drack.bto said...

hi just wanted to said hello, and tell, that u are not alone with the enthusiastic approach to the new release of revit.

I started using revit about six moth and i love, not very good at it though i`m self teaching me. i will be visiting your blog more often

thanks for sharing your knowledge

Elisa said...

I hope I can be of some help to you... I'm anxious to get started on 2011, let me know what you think of it.

William said...

the window "next to" a door may be a code warning-tempered glass required within 36" of a door