October 1, 2010

View Templates Dialog

Something simple I found today. I have to share because I think it's very cool and useful, I have no idea how I didn't notice this before! 
When applying a view template, I can chose a view, instead of a template, or creating a new one.

I feel silly pointing it out, but I just noticed it now and I know I will be using this often!


Steve said...

Hi Elisa

Don't feel silly. I have zero experience with Revit and I am an energy manager at Olin College of Engineering in Boston (not in the design industry) however, I'm going to AU to learn about energy modeling and green bldg modeling as I'm working on a LEED EB project here. will you be attending?


Elisa said...

Hi Steve!
I will be attending this year, I'm looking forward to it. I took some sessions for energy modeling last year, this year I'm not, as of yet, I might swap a session as the classes are updated etc. What's your project?