October 9, 2008

My First Post

I started my blog because I signed up as a Blogger at AU, I was curious about what that was about because I have been keeping up with many many blogs now, so I wanted to be included with them :o)  So my first post will be about AU.
For those of you who haven't attended before, you're missing out. I've attended 4 times now, because of Revit, once it was purchased by Autodesk it was a must to attend at least that year.  But once I was there, amongst other fellow coworkers it was obvious it was a necessity to attend every year!  There is so much to learn, not just from the sessions and lunches and dinners but from other attendees.  I didn't get to know very many people, or keep in touch with anyone I did meet but I did learn something from most of the people I came in contact with.   The last couple of years I've attended I've been able to gauge how well I know Revit, because I can help others and answer their questions! That's been a great feeling, to know I can help others as I was helped when I first started.
Reading and subscribing to many blogs about Revit, this year I hope to meet some of the authors I've learned from.   AU is a great event to attend, no matter how well you know any of the Autodesk software.  I think it's a must especially for CAD/BIM/IT managers to attend.

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