October 15, 2008


I like being a CAD Manager, I don't love it.  I love doing architecture and working on projects, but I like organization that's how I got involved in being a CAD Manager.

I've been working on our template, I've realized I'll need more than one and I do and don't like that.  More for me to manage, and I'm not a control freak so I'd rather have less to manage.  I've started a Basic Practices document to give to all my users, and I'm starting to create a Standards Manual, which isn't very long  and for now it's more of a "what not to do" document.

I thought I'd list some of the few things I've found to be important: (in no particular order)
  • Purge the model, often
  • Review warnings (often!)
  • Close hidden windows (we have a shortcut for that=XX)
  • Create a workset for each linked file
  • Create working views (one for each user)
  • Recreate the local file weekly
  • Local files should be created by copy/paste in windows explorer not by opening the central file and doing a save-as
There's more, especially with families.  Fun part is I'm learning so much as I go along, as far as setting standards that my list is 3 pages now!  I don't like it's length but I like that I'm learning and especially understanding!


Enzo Fighetti said...

Elisa.. I`m doing the same thing nowadays. But our document has 100 pages!...

Maybe we can share....

Elisa said...

I'd love to share, and get different ideas. 100 pages! wow, I hope not to have more than 20.

lusmille said...

Hi guys,
I am creating a standard/guideline for both: client and staff.
Are you guys doing the same?
I would love to exchange information and materials as well.