January 5, 2009


This was my fourth time attending, I always enjoy how much more I can learn and the many people I meet.

This year my focus was Revit and BIM Management.  I took advanced sessions in Revit and I was happy with the results and very excited to start playing and figuring out how to implement some of what I've learned.  The keynote's were good, we got a teaser on the next Revit realease, showing the ribbon and the new modeling tools, that was exciting. Not much was said of the ribbon but it was visable!

This year I volunteered to help out at the AUGI area, I was excited to meet other memebrs.  I go to the Revit forums almost daily and if I'm not asking a question I try to answer a few if I can of course.  I volunteered 3 days, 2 at the AUGI booth and it was fun helping people sign up and explaining to the what AUGI is all about.  Another day I was at the LUG booth and that was a little more intimidating to me as my fellow volunteer at the time was the incoming president for his LUG and I'm just a member :o)  but it was great learning from him and others.  Thanks to all I met and remember to check the AUGI website often!
Being on Twitter was great! I don't have email/internet on my cell phone (by choice) but I was signed up to get text updates from AUGI@AU and it was great to know what was going on like the TOP Dawg contest.  With different Twitterer's posting it was awesome to keep up to date with things I had no idea went on at AU.  Next year I hope to be even busier than this year!

The Blogger social was intimidating, since I'm very new at this but I did get to meet Steve Stafford, whos' blog I follow and I was hoping to meet. I was chatting with Jay Z from Gensler , and Steve B. from USCAD, they both had Unconferece sessions that I heard were good, I couldn'tt attend.  Will H from Will2Play was also around, he's been great to help to me, especialy when I took on the CAD Management role.  He had live webcasts while attending giving overviews of what he had learned, they may be available for viewing at his website.

The one session I was so looking forward to was great!  Dave B (Do U Revit?) had a formulas session, it was the last day very early morning (for me) but I couldn't and didn't miss it.  It wasn't diasppointing, a little overwhelming but I couldn't wait to try out what I learned.  I was hoping ot meet him since I have learned a lot from his blog,  but it would have to be another time.

If you're registered on AU online, check out the sessions available for viewing and download some handouts it's very worth it.  I look at those handouts throughout the year there's usually something that helps in those weird situations where you don't know quite what to do.


Dave Baldacchino said...

It was intimidating? It was for me too haha. You should have come to say hi, I don't bite! And I don't think Steven C would have either...maybe we'll meet next year. It was a very busy event this year and I stayed away from Twittering. Life's getting too fast with too much info! Keep up the good work.

Elisa said...

:o) The things that can be done with formulas WAS a little intimidating, but you and Steve did a great presentation. I hope you do it again next year!