February 18, 2009

Graphics Settings (Otra vez)

It's been a while! But luckily because I've been so, so busy.

Back to my dilemma of which way to go, edit Lineweights or change Objects Styles.  I had to do both, in this case.  I was hoping to only have to change Object Styles, since most were set to the same lineweight, it was obvious change would be needed.  But then I noticed at some scales the lineweights had to change a bit, to differentiate a little more.

In the object styles, most of the default lineweights had to be bumped up.  Most of the settings were bumped up by one typically. Annotation is where most lineweights changed.  This applied to both my templates, which is a good start.
For lineweights, I didn't have to make too many adjustments, but added some scales that aren't set up, like 3/16" and change about four of those settings, which isn't too bad.  I didn't touch the Annotation lineweights, that would be counterproductive, there is no need to make things more complicated and add to the list of what is being managed by me and not Revit

I was hoping making changes to Object Styles would be enough but not so.  For one of my templates it didn't work because there are many smaller scale plan views that needed to not look so bland.  I'm only using about 6 lineweights but there is somewhat of a significant difference between them. For my other template details and section views are more important and those settings in Revit work fine.

My next task has been annotation symbols.  I hope to give a brief description of what I have so far, and how every changing it is, as I learn more cool tricks and tips.


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