March 19, 2009


Their forums are a great resource!  If you don't know what AUGI is and you've been using Revit for over a year, then you're missing out.  You should sign up and check it out.  Browse the forums once a week if you can't do it more often. You'll be surprised how much you will learn.  You'll start by learning about tools you didn't know existed, then by learning how to use some you thought were difficult, and finally when you're very comfortable with them how to use them differently.  That's always fun, to learn the different ways to use Revit, I've enjoyed that, maybe I should post on that kind of thing. . . we'll see.   Well don't forget to check it out!

On another note, for those of us who are active memebers of AUGI, check out this blog post from Steve B 2D OR NOT 2D  AUGI needs our support, please check it out.

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Rory said...

Hi Elisa
Congratulations on your new blog!
Look forward to following you as it develops :)
Kind regards